Top 10 In-Demand Jobs In The Philippines 2023

Joe McGoldrick
10.01.2023·9 min read

With the global shift to remote work, outsourcing companies are taking the lead in the Philippines. The country offers a cost-effective and capable talent pool, with established processes to take advantage of online work. Because of this influx of opportunity, it is a great time to find work. If you’re looking for a new job, or considering a career change, this blog will outline the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines.

Jobs & careers in demand in the Philippines

Software Developer

Today’s world is run by computers of different shapes and sizes, all connected via the internet. These computers need good software to execute computing tasks. Software Developers are professionals who design, develop, and maintain this software. They are responsible for addressing various computing tasks by writing code and ensuring it runs as intended.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are one of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines. They perform administrative work, accounting, scheduling, and other necessary tasks. They can also perform additional specialized tasks like editing and Social Media on top of their responsibilities. VAs usually work as business assistants, especially by startups wanting a more cost-effective solution.

Logistics and Warehouse Personnel 

The transfer of goods is one of the many important processes of a developing economy like the Philippines. With the advent of e-commerce and online shopping, ensuring goods are delivered safely and efficiently is paramount. Logistics personnel is skilled professionals that make this happen. They monitor and optimize supply chains and make them as efficient as possible.

Information Security Professional 

Cyber Security and the threat of malicious actors online are bigger than ever. That is why industries are investing in boosting their data and network security. Information Security Professionals are skilled in combating and preventing cyber threats. They are professionals tasked to evaluate, test, and strengthen networks and address any vulnerabilities.

Social Media Marketer

Social Media plays a major role in today’s world, especially in the Philippines. In fact, in 2020 there were as many as 76 million active Facebook users in the country. This makes it the most popular social media platform in the country. Social Media marketers harness this huge platform by curating posts geared toward social media users. They use various online tools to run ad campaigns as well as manage and grow communities around their brands.

Project Manager

In a nutshell, Project Managers are responsible for bringing projects to completion. They are tasked with planning, coordinating, and supervising tasks related to a project. They also manage the different team members by addressing their needs and ensuring open communication lines. This ensures a highly cooperative atmosphere, positively affecting a project’s success.

Recruitment Specialist 

Suppose a task is vital to an organization’s operations. In that case, the person picked for the role must be highly qualified. Recruitment specialists are professionals that make sure this is the case. They are responsible for scouting and screening potential candidates for a role. They evaluate, test, and vet any promising applicants and assist them in their application.

Healthcare Professional 

In light of the recent global pandemic, there is a growing need for healthcare professionals in the Philippines and worldwide. They are responsible for giving quality health services such as consultations, therapy, and medicine dispensing. Professionals like Doctors and Nurses provide in-person care to sick individuals and advise others to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Customer and Tech Support 

Outsourcing is a huge industry in the Philippines. A big portion of this is the customer and tech support services. Professionals in the support sector help customers and clients in addressing their concerns. They provide quick and reliable solutions to problems that customers may encounter. They also address any questions or inquiries relating to a product or service offered by a business.

Marketing Professional

Attracting and keeping a loyal customer base is crucial for a business’s sustainability. Marketing Professionals make a company’s marketing goals a reality. They are responsible for researching and identifying key strategies that would bring more eyes to their brand. They also conceptualize marketing campaigns to make their brand relevant and enticing to potential customers.

Highest paying jobs in the Philippines

Aeronautics Professionals

Air travel has seen steady growth in the Philippines in recent times. That is why Aeronotics Professionals are in demand these days. These professionals maintain and service these aircraft. They ensure that airplanes are safe, operational, and meet international standards. Aeronautics Engineers in the Philippines earn an average of ₱ 731,703 annually.

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineers conceptualize, design, and build computers for industry use. They are responsible for providing computing solutions for many industries and businesses worldwide. They also design network infrastructures and develop new technologies for research and development. In the Philippines, they receive an average annual salary of ₱667,972.

Systems Analysts

A Systems Analyst’s job is identifying and solving business challenges using Information Technology principles. They provide solutions to improve and optimize solutions by analyzing various business processes. They are also responsible for implementing necessary changes and training personnel with these new solutions. On average, they receive ₱491,383 per year.

In-demand courses in the Philippines with high salary

Data Science

Though a relative newcomer in the Philippines, Data Science has been gaining traction throughout the years. Data is everywhere, and it is vital to any organization. Data Science is invovles processing, cleaning, and preparing data for analytics purposes. In the industry, professionals earn an average of ₱618,828 yearly.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are also fast-growing emerging industries in the Philippines. The fields use AI techniques and concepts to develop automation systems for various applications. They are usually seen in manufacturing, production, and even business. Their annual average salary is ₱53,718.

Business Courses

Having a degree in business opens doors to many possibilities. Locally, it can get you a good career in one of the hundreds of businesses in the country. This includes startups as well as multi-national conglomerates. This is why business courses like Nexford’s MBA program are some of the most popular choices in the country. A Marketing Manager in the Philippines can net as much as ₱703,825 yearly average.

Best companies to work for in the Philippines

A good career is a combination of many factors, including your skill set, educational background, and credentials, among others. Another important aspect is having a great work environment. Most of the time, working for a good company that values growth and innovation while offering a great working environment makes a great difference. Here are some of the best employers in the country:

San Miguel Corporation

What started out as a small brewery in 1890 is now one of the largest companies in the Philippines. From that brewery, it has now expanded into other businesses like food manufacturing, energy, real estate, and fuel. Today they employ over 45,522 individuals as of 2020. This makes them one of the most well-known employers in the country.


This Irish-American company is one of the biggest BPOs in the country. With more than 30 years in the country, this IT company provides worldwide consulting and business operations support. They employ thousands of personnel daily to work in their consulting and back-office support services. They also develop software solutions for local clients and abroad.

Google Philippines

This is the Philippine branch of the Silicon Valley giant. Google Philippines started operation in the country in January 2013. They brought the world-famous work culture with a uniquely Pinoy touch. The company employs from all walks of life, including IT, Business, STEM, and many more.

Skills needed for high-paying jobs

A good skill set is necessary if you want to be competitive in the market and be chosen for roles in some of the most in demand jobs in the Philippines. Employers are now more discerning of who they want to bring into their companies. Aspiring professional aiming to break into your chosen industry must have these soft skills.


Getting your message across as clearly and as concisely as possible is a valuable skill to have. Collaboration is the backbone of businesses, and effective communication makes this happen. This allows you to effectively deliver ideas, confidently talk to other professionals in the field and helps you connect with your clients easily. Overall a great skill to have no matter what industry it may be.


Negotiations are everywhere in business. From negotiating on your salary to making deals with premium clients. Knowing how to land deals that give you an advantage is a great tool. With good negotiation skills, you can land good work arrangements for yourself. Furthermore, your employer will see you as a valuable asset in closing client deals.


Whether you are a fresh grad or someone looking for a new career path, going on interviews is inevitable. Having strong interview skills lets you give suitable answers as well as be confident when you deliver them. Like most skills, practice and repetition is the best way to strengthen them.

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How to get high-paying jobs

Getting high-paying, in-demand jobs in the Philippines is relatively easy, but only if you work smarter. Like any pursuit, careful planning and strategic placement are key to getting your dream job. Here are three ways to get ahead of the crowd.


Building your professional network is a must for every aspiring professional. A robust network lets you tap into resources and information that would be otherwise difficult to obtain on your own. LinkedIn is a great platform to meet other professionals like you. Start by reaching out to other experts in your field and start a conversation.

Keep updated

Keeping up with industry news is essential if you want to stay relevant. Knowing current trends and industry developments are great ways to improve professionally. It is also a great way to get a hold of opportunities career-wise. Social media groups and pages are one of the most convenient sources of the latest news. Pro tip: look for highly regarded groups where the admins are active and the community is generally positive.

Get the necessary credentials

Having the right credentials can increase your chances of landing your dream job. In fact, most fields require you to have at least a degree in a related course. The degree proves that you as a candidate have the necessary skills for the job.

For starters having an undergraduate degree like Nexford’s Bachelor of Business Administration is a good and well-rounded bachelor’s degree. This is perfect for people who want a business or entrepreneurial career.

An MBA is also a great choice for people who wish to advance in their chosen path. Programs like Master of Business Administration also by Nexford arm you with the advanced knowledge to take the next steps in your journey.


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