Top 10 highest paying jobs in Ghana

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03.08.2022·9 min read

With the world’s economies recovering and beginning to grow, there is a great opportunity to start or change your career. Companies are hiring new talent and access to global opportunities has never been better. If you are looking to discover the best paying careers in Ghana, this article is for you.

Best paying jobs in Ghana

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers handle modern infrastructure projects. They handle any infrastructure project’s creativity, design, supervision, construction, and maintenance. They can work in the public or private sector, building bridges, dams, weirs, office buildings, and many others. They ensure that the projects are within government safety regulations and building codes.

Business Analysis

The Business Analyst is responsible for assessing every aspect of a business and finding points to improve or work on. They thoroughly examine all the business processes, departments, and personnel to find any weak or inefficient methods. They then make a comprehensive recommendation based on this information to help the company improve and be much more efficient.

Product Management 

A Product Manager’s task is to find out what customers need. They gather this data through thorough market research, customer feedback, and surveys. They use this information to deliver a product to the market that addresses these needs that also meets the business’s overall goal. The product should have a demand and should be a viable business venture.

University Professor

Professors are educators in higher education. They help design curriculums as well as teach in their field of specialty. They teach both undergraduate and graduate students, depending on the setup. They also do research in their field of academic specialty aside from their teaching responsibility. They publish these researches through reputable journals or academic publications.

Human Resource Personnel

HR Personnel deals with the welfare of employees within a company. They perform a variety of tasks vital to the company’s workforce. They serve as recruiters and applicant screeners during each round of the hiring process. They also handle training and orientation of newly hired employees. They also handle scheduling, payroll, incident reports, and other relevant tasks.

Accounting Management

Accounting Managers handle the accounting team of a business. They strive to materialize the company’s many financial goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. While they may do some actual accounting work from time to time, their main job is leading the team. They are tasked with coordinating team members while also helping management craft necessary financial policies.

Medical Doctor

Healthcare has always been one of the foundations of a good society. Healthcare workers are the primary movers of this sector, especially Doctors. They see patients with illnesses and give them a suitable course of treatment. They also assess overall health and advise their patients on improving and maintaining good physical and mental wellness.

Customer Service Representative

Customer satisfaction is a huge deal for businesses. After all, satisfied customers mean repeat business and a chance to attract new customers. Customer Service Representatives handle every concern a customer may have. They answer queries or direct them to proper channels. They make sure that customers are getting good service as possible.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Malicious online attacks are a constant threat to any organization. Having a secure network infrastructure lets you thwart these nefarious actions and protect private information. Cyber Security Consultants are security experts that specialize in combating these threats. They assess any given network, point out any vulnerabilities, and offer solutions whenever possible.

Network Engineering

While Cyber Sec Consultants focus on security and data integrity, Network Engineers design, build, and configure the network itself. They do a bit of security, but their main role is to keep the network up and running as efficiently as possible. In line with this, they do a variety of tasks, including upgrading equipment, setting up nodes, and troubleshooting, among others.

Best courses to study for jobs in Ghana


The best way to learn the ins and outs of business is by getting a university degree. A business degree⁠—like Nexford University’s Bachelors in Business Administration⁠⁠⁠—is a well-rounded degree with all the skills you need. It introduces you to the many aspects of running a startup like finance, accounting, administration, and marketing.

Information Technology 

Technology plays a huge role in today’s modern society. We’ve changed from occasional computer use, to being permanently connected to the internet across several devices. A degree in Information technology equips you with the skills and tools you need. Possible careers include business, research and development, cyber security, and big data.

Human Resources Management 

A degree in Human Resources Management prepares you to meet employee needs. It tackles various related subjects like labor laws and regulations as well as people management. Here they are taught the basics of ethically and effectively managing people in the workforce. A career in HR opens up many avenues for you to pursue in various fields and industries.


Though engineering is a broad body of knowledge that touches on many other fields of study, its core tenets defines it. No matter which sub-specialty, you will be taught core engineering principles of design and production. It also teaches you the proper techniques to address various engineering hurdles that you may face in the real world.


Accountancy is a specific business training in handling accounting records. The degree will teach you various important accounting practices, such as preparing and filing tax documents. A career in accountancy lets you work in various industries, including startups, international companies, logistics, not for profits, banking, and the public sector.

Best online jobs in Ghana

Content Writer 

Content Writers produce copy with the purpose of brand awareness. They write informative and engaging content designed to attract potential customers to the brand. They do this by making sure that the content fits the brand’s “voice” and that the content is relevant to the brand’s product. They are a valuable part of any business wishing to cement its brand’s name in the market.


Copywriters, on the other hand, write copy with the intent to sell. They are the ones responsible for writing copies for ads, landing pages, email campaigns, and newsletters. They are persuasive writers that use psychology and savvy sales strategies to deliver results. Because of this, they are one of the highest-paid freelance professionals today.

Virtual Assistant

VAs⁠—as they are more commonly known⁠—are professionals that do admin support as their main service. They are, however, fully remote, unlike traditional admin staff. They perform many of the same tasks that an in-house employee does only at a significantly lower cost. They can do other tasks on top of admin work, including accounting, customer service, and data analysis, among others.


Blogging is one of the good ways to earn a living online. Essentially, a blog is a way for you to connect to your target audience and address some f their pressing questions. Though relatively simple, it needs dedication and consistency, especially in the early stages. But if done correctly, you get access to a regular passive income on your hands.


Dropshipping is another great way to earn online. In a nutshell, dropshipping is when you accept orders from customers without holding stock. You then relay the order and shipping information to a third party which then fulfills the order. This way, you don’t have to think of warehousing and storage and focus all your efforts on marketing.

Social Media Manager

In 2022, there will be 8.8 million active Social Media users in Ghana. This makes it one of the most popular ways to market goods and services. Social Media Managers are professionals that handle everything on Social Media. They run marketing campaigns, schedule and post content, moderate the community, and many more. They are indispensable if you want to run a successful social media presence.

Skills needed for high-paying jobs

Having the right skills can make a huge difference in any industry. Here are the skills needed for high-paying jobs.


Working with other people is inevitable. That is why knowing how to work effectively in a team is a great skill to master. This allows you to interact smoothly with your coworkers, and it gets you comfortable in collaboration on a shared goal. It also allows you to be more productive as you share your tasks with others.

Time Management

Having multiple projects running at a given time will get ugly fast, especially if they are not managed well. A small delay in one can lead to a delay in others that cascades to other projects as well. Good time management lets you effectively use your time by maximizing every second. This lets you maintain a good work-life balance which is essential to keep stress away.


Effective communication is one of the most important skills to master. It allows you to be clear in your messaging without fear of misinterpretation. This is also the pillar of collaborative work, as you are expected to be in constant communication with your peers. Good communication allows you to be easily understood by others.


Today’s fast-paced world requires one to be quick to adapt. Situations can change in a second, so being quick on the uptake is an advantage. No problems and circumstances are alike, so being able to adapt to the situation allows you to adjust with ease. Adaptability also means using already acquired tools and skills and reusing them in new and creative ways.

Problem Solving

Obstacles arise once in a while, and knowing how to address them is essential. There will always be bumps in the road in any project. This may be external, like supply chain disruptions, manufacturing costs markup, etc., or they could be internal, like being understaffed or efficient planning. Knowing how to keep a cool while also effectively addressing these concerns is an attractive skill for potential employers.

How to get high-paying jobs

Follow these tips to up your chances of landing your dream job.

Build a professional network

Getting connected with other professionals, especially in your chosen field, goes a long way. It helps you land opportunities easily as the channels are more direct. A personal recommendation from someone you know would weigh more. Fostering a good relationship with others also helps you develop your interpersonal skills.

Be good at what you do

One of your goals is to continue to hone your craft and master every aspect of your profession. Being an expert in your field has two primary benefits. Firstly, you become efficient with your work. Secondly, you become more valuable to clients. Being good at your job also allows you leverage to adjust your rates as you see fit.

Get relevant credentials

Getting the proper certifications also adds value to you as a worker. Getting an undergraduate degree is one of the most popular ways that others achieve this. If you already have one, consider getting a graduate degree instead. Graduate degrees, like Nexford’s Master of Business Administration, give you a more thorough dive into your field of choice, increasing your value.

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