The world’s virtual talent grid starts here

Fadl Al Tarzi
12.11.2019·1 min read

Nexford’s Founder and CEO talks to PetaCrunch, an AI-powered media company covering the most interesting startup news and the people behind them

PetaCrunch got under the hood of Nexford, and quizzed Fadl Al Tarzi, its CEO.

How would you describe Nexford University in a single tweet?

A next-generation university offering a high quality yet affordable education using cutting edge technology, one specifically designed to bridge the gap between employer needs and higher education.

How did it all start and why?

I wanted to start a business with social impact, my co-founder and I thought to ourselves what is the root cause of most if not all world challenges and lack of education was the answer.

What have you achieved so far?

We’ve gone from idea to licensed & accredited revenue-generating university in 1 year. Our learner satisfaction rates are over 90%. 100% of our learners said ‘they would recommend us to others’ in our latest learner survey. Since launching in February our sales have exceeded $1 million, 50% of which are from leading employers sponsoring their own employees for up-skilling & re-skilling purposes.

Our retention rates are 98% so far, with our learners from over 35 countries!

Our social media following has been tremendously supportive too, in under 9 months we already have almost 100,000 fans across our social media pages. Our latest brand video has over 250,000 views on Facebook alone. We’ve been contacted by over 55,000 learners interested in learning more about Nexford.

What do you plan to achieve in the next 2-3 years?

Launch new programs, enrol over 10,000 learners, create more impact across the world. Empower greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing people access to the skills they need to join what I refer to as the world’s virtual talent grid.

About the Author

Fadl Al Tarzi

Fadl is Founder & CEO of Nexford University. His vision is to enable greater social and economic mobility through high-quality, affordable education.

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