Innovation in education: who designed your learning?

Nexford staff, featuring Dr Robin Johnston
14.06.2019·1 min read

Our learning may be virtual, but the people who make Nexford University happen are very real. Meet one our world-class team members: introducing Dr Robin Johnston

What is competency-based education (CBE) and how is Nexford University using it to transform higher education? Meet our resident CBE expert Dr Robin Johnston. She’s our director of academic innovation and learning design, and she’s here to make your learning journey an innovative and meaningful experience that you’ll always value.

“Education is something you can never lose.”

Watch Dr Johnston describe how online learning at Nexford means immersing yourself in course content, learning by doing, and developing a growth mindset to help you look at life as an opportunity.

Dr Johnston is a powerhouse of higher education innovation and learning design. Executive leadership positions in higher education, HR, and healthcare include director of academic innovation for McGraw Hill Higher Education and associate dean for business at Excelsior College. She holds an EdD in Organizational Leadership, an MS in Human Resource Development and Management, a BA in Psychology, and is a certified job and career transition coach.

Dr Robin Johnston is director of academic innovation and learning design at Nexford University. Watch more videos from our team

About the Author

Nexford staff, featuring Dr Robin Johnston

Dr Robin Johnston serves as Nexford’s vice president of academic innovation. Throughout her career, Dr Johnston has held executive leadership positions in higher education, human resources, and healthcare. Prior to joining Nexford full time, Dr Johnston worked as a consultant for the university.

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